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Our family’s ranching and farming roots in the Santa Maria Valley span several generations. Along the way, we have been blessed with strong personal ties to the local agricultural community.

Naturally, local ingredients are a way of life for us, and we take pride in extending this experience to our guests at the Far Western Tavern. Below is a list of family and friends whose products contribute to our menu.

The Minetti Family

Alamo Farms – Pinquito Beans
Family friend John Porter learned the art of growing pinquito beans from his father and grandfather, who was one of the first commercial pinquito farmers.

Babe Farms – Spring Mix, Baby Spinach, Beets
Family friends Judy and Jeff Lundberg are renowned for growing specialty vegetables, including 30 varieties of baby lettuce.

Betteravia Farms – Pinquito Beans
As a principal and product manager at Betteravia Farms, Tom Minetti ensures that fine pinquitos are never in short supply at the restaurant.

Hermreck Farms – Avocados and Lemons
Randy and Karen Hermreck are family friends and vintners who grow fine avocados and lemons at their small farm.

Maretti-Minetti Ranch Co. & Righetti Ranch – Broccoli, Artichokes and Strawberries
The Ralph Maretti and Clarence Minetti families, along with Far Western Tavern co-owners Susan and Paul Righetti, grow several crops on their family ranches.

Ocean Front Farms – Artichokes
Jamie Gamble, a Minetti family cousin, grows amazing artichokes in Guadalupe, not far from the original Far Western Tavern.

Riverbench Vineyard – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Rosé and Sparkling
Far Western Tavern co-owners Marie Minetti-Will and her husband Steve also co-own this acclaimed producer of fine Santa Maria Valley wines.

Teixeira Farms – Lettuce and Broccoli
The Teixeiras, longtime family friends of the Minettis, have been farming in the Santa Maria Valley since the 1930s.

Susie Q’s Brand – Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning
Far Western Tavern co-owner Susan Righetti founded Susie Q’s Brand in 1981 as the original artisan purveyor of Santa Maria Style Barbecue foods.